Thursday, April 29, 2010

My Day With Bryce

Le Conte Elementary school is a local school who is in need of volunteers in all areas of their programs. I particularly became involved with their Full Inclusion Program which helps children with disabilities interact and be in the same classrooms as other children in their grade, along with the supervision of a chaperone. This allows children with special needs to be in the same setting and environment with their fellow classmates instead of being alone and isolated. I feel that this program helps them develop not only their educational skills but also their social skills. This slideshow shows a small part of my day with one of the students and his name is Bryce. He is full of life and energy, sometimes hard to keep him focus and still on his tasks. Here we are in music class and I am helping him hear the tune of the rest of the class and he adds to the music with his bongo playing. At times it is very difficult to keep him reared in on what he is supposed to be doing and I constantly have to remind him of it. This is very challenging and frustrating at times and I see that in this he is also teaching me. Teaching me ways to be patient and help me dip into my creative side in finding ways to help keep him focused. After a day of playing and teaching with Bryce I am exhausted and find myself smiling as I walk out of that classroom because I know I made a difference in his life in the days worth of work and he also has impacted mine to the same or even further extent. I am so happy to have chosen a platform in which I can give and found it a blessing to also be on the receiving end of things.

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