Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Girl Time! Motivational Speaking

Part of my job is to explain what it is I do as Miss California, why I do it and what it is I volunteer in. I love being able to possibly make a difference in the lives of our future generations. Every time I give a speech I touch the possibility of impacting and making a difference in the lives of one of the students listening. This time around I was invited to speak to an all girls classroom period. Girl time was so much fun. As I got to talk about my duties and responsibilities I also got to share make up tips and show them my previous crowns, sashes and plaques. My main focus was to get across how much beauty lies within. I explained what truly made me beautiful, my devotion towards volunteerism with the Special Olympics. With that I described that Special Olympics would not necessarily be the area of interest for them but that through trying different things they would find what it is makes their hearts become filled with joy. A classroom period full of girl talk was a blast!

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