Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Volunteering Le Conte Elementary School

I found a local elementary school near my school where I could travel to and volunteer with. The great thing about having a platform like Special Olympics is that it gives me an array of areas in which I can help and make a true difference. I became involved with Le Conte Elementary because the Full Inclusion program, which provides special assistance to students with disabilities, needed help from volunteers to help continue in making this program successful. I spoke with the head of the department and she and I have thought of many great ways in which we can make this program evolve into something bigger and greater for the students. For starters one of the main projects I began to embark on and will continue to help with when I go back to school, is making the classroom a better working environment for the kids. Many boards are outdated, undecorated and messy. I plan to clean it all up, organize the shelves, books and school supplies. A clean, organized environment is necessary for a student to learn in, especially one with disabilities for many accidents can happen with things out of their place. Another plan we have talked about is creating a binder with information about volunteerism and the tasks/jobs that are helpful when assisting with special needs students. This I can take back with me to my own school and help recruit volunteers for Le Conte. We have many more ideas that will help enrich this program because special needs students deserve the same opportunities as all the other students. Here in my blog are pictures of how I spend most of my time while volunteering, helping a child learn how to read or build a puzzle or even write their own name always reminds me of my own blessings and opportunities I have been given and it is only right for me to give a little of that back through my volunteerism in this program. I look forward to going back and continuing my work with Le Conte Elementary.

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