Saturday, February 6, 2010

Winter Break

I hope by viewing this slideshow the true essence of why I competed and wanted to become Miss California International can come through. It is not all about glitz and glamour. Wearing jeans a t-shirt and some converse while being able to play, talk, help, inspire and become friends with the Special Olympic participants is what it is truly about. During winter break I was able to fully engage in many activities with them. Although I am supposed to be teaching them how to do things, many times they end up teaching me and explaining the rules to me. Through interaction and with activities such as beading class, video games, foosball, ping pong and outings I am able to share my time with them. After every single shift of spending time with them I cannot help but walk away and feel a great sense of appreciation for life and for all that I have. They show me more than how to play games, they show me how precious life is and that we should be happy with what we were given. They are always smiling and joking around despite whatever disability they face each and every day. My heart is fulfilled with a deep joy when I am surrounded by my kids. I am the one that is supposed to be teaching them and I feel like I do, but not nearly as much as they teach me in my life. I am grateful to hold the title of Miss California and be able to speak these words in hope that someone who reads this will be moved to volunteer some of their time with Special Olympics as well and experience the beauty I do when I am with them.

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