Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Palm Springs Christmas Parade!

This past Saturday, December 5th, I was reunited with my sister titleholders. I had not seen them since we were all crowned together and it was a blessing that we were all able to make it and spend time together. I knew when I was crowned back in September that I would be sharing a great year with these ladies. Little did I know how wonderful and extraordinary each and everyone of them was. As we got to spend more and more time together this past weekend I was thankful to have been crowned with such aspiring and wonderful women. It felt warm and comforting to share my time and exchange presents with them. The parade itself was wonderful. It is so beautiful how much time the community puts forth. We were so lucky to have been invited, although it was freezing cold I bundled up with my fellow sisters and waved to the community of Palm Springs. Later that evening we all had a pretty healthy dinner (getting ready for Nationals) and exchanged presents. We talked, drank hot chocolate and enjoyed each others presence. I cannot emphasize enough each and every time I have an event how grateful I am to have been chosen to represent the state of California. Each and every time I am reminded what a blessed person I have been. I love my job as Miss California.

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